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Urgent Appeal: Kidney Transplant for Maria

Donation Goal For This Project is £18,000
44% Donated/£10,000 To Go
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Maria is a top-performing student who dreamed of becoming a lawyer one day. Despite coming from a poverty-stricken household, Maria excelled in her studies and remained an A+ student. We first met Maria when she won our competition-based scholarship to fund her higher education. Maria was a bright student who was very hardworking.

Maria was severely anaemic, constantly unwell and had a reduced appetite. Her parents could not afford to take her to the doctors, but eventually when Marias’ health deteriorated they approached us. We took Maria to Islamabad and arranged a full medical check up.

Blood reports suggested Maria had high creatinine levels, which is indicative of impaired kidney function. To investigate the cause of the impaired kidney function, Maria had a renal biopsy, which revealed Maria had Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Patients with stage 5 CKD have a poor life expectancy if untreated. Currently Maria is undergoing dialysis but urgently requires a transplant.

A donor has been identified, however as the medical system in Pakistan is self-funded, we need to raise funds to cover both Maria and the donors medical expenses. The transplant procedure and aftercare is calculated to cost £18,000. We have successfully raised £8000 and urgently need your support to raise the remaining £10,000.

Please donate whatever you can and share Marias’ story to help us raise funds for her.

Thank you!