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On September 03, 2014, a devastating amount rainfall fell all over Pakistan and continued for 3 days leaving behind Billions of rupees property damage and precious human losses in the area. A large amount of that rainwater fell in district Bagh AJK. Our organisation is a local developmental actor and remained involved in rescue and relief operation to save and assist the poor communities from the aftermath of this disaster from the outset. We helped rescue more than 70 families from sanitary worker & grid station colonies which are some of the most deprived people of the main Bagh city.  The Monsoon rains had also created floods in the main Mahal Stream that has disrupted the lives of all sections of the population in the Bagh District. The primary estimates made by the authorities reveal that total loss of this devastation the first of its magnitude in the last 20 years would be more than PKR126.60 million. What: The main objective of the project is to protect 150 affected families of 6 Union Councils (Topi, Swanj, Nar Shar Ali Khan, Islamnager, Dharay) of District Bagh AJK by providing them low cost housing to help the victims back to normal life prior to the floods. The Duration of this project should be about 6 months Who: All the target families have been sanctioned to receive cash assistance amounting to PKR 75,000 for the construction of houses from the AJK State Government and Government of Pakistan. As these are shelters homes, therefore specific house-design with the minimal plinth area of 25 sq. mts. along with the household toilet is proposed both by the Government with minimal requirements to be followed by the respective target families while the additional improvements can be done by the respective families as per their needs. The District Administration has also made the detailed cost estimates to construct the house as per the design provided by the State Government and the cost of such house for the villages of UC Dharay, Swanj, Nar Shar Ali Khan & Topi has come to PKR 135,505- while it is PKR 125,308- for the villages of UC Islamnager, Bagh. MWF has entered in agreement with the District Administration, for 150 houses in 06 UCs. MWF is seeking the assistance for 150 houses of the following UCs to enable these flood victims to have secured shelter.    

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