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HAF has arranged a series of free medical camps across district Bagh in remote areas where the patients have no access to hospital and have no recourses to afford the medical facilities.

When attending the free medical camp, patients undergo a free examination and if required medication or specific aids eg. glasses.

If patients require surgery, for example for cataracts, they are called back to the camp on certain days when surgery takes place. All provisions regarding admission, bedding, surgery, medication and aftercare are made by HAF. During these camps, all community members are gathered and advice is given regarding hygiene an self-awareness.

These free medical camps have changed the lives of thousands of people. HAF have helped over 19,531 who were treated and more than 750 major operations and 175 minor operations were made during these free camps.

There are a number of ways you can support this cause. You can:

  • Sponsor a 2 day screening camp

  • Sponsor a surgical camp

  • Sponsor  a school screening visit

Sponsor using our donation link below:



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