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Donation Total: £5

In collaboration with AJWS, HAF distributed 300 goats among 100 female headed families and 120 sheep and lambs amongst 60 women headed families. In addition to the distribution of animals, the community were given a talk discussing animal welfare and how to maximise their profits.

Goats, sheep and lambs are easy to raise and maintain and reproduce quickly. The milk produced can be used to consume or can be sold for a small income and any offspring can be raised and sold for further profit. The main source of food for these animals is grass and they graze on their own hence do not need much maintenance. Furthermore, although the floods affected all crops, grass thrived and was abundantly available.


How your donations can help:

  • For £75.00 we can buy 1 Sheep

  • For £60.00 we can buy 1 Goat

  • For £50.00 we can buy 1 lamb

  • For £10.00 we can buy 1 Chicken

Please help this cause by making a small donation!


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