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Urgent Appeal: Kidney Transplant for Maria

44% Donated/£10,000 To Go

Maria is a top-performing student who dreamed of becoming a lawyer one day. Despite coming from a poverty-stricken household, Maria excelled in her studies and remained an A+ student. We first met Maria when she won our competition-based scholarship to fund her higher education. Maria was a bright student who was very hardworking.

Maria was severely anaemic, constantly unwell and had a reduced appetite. Her parents could not afford to take her to the doctors, but eventually when Marias’ health deteriorated they approached us. We took Maria to Islamabad and arranged a full medical check up.

Blood reports suggested Maria had high creatinine levels, which is indicative of impaired kidney function. To investigate the cause of the impaired kidney function, Maria had a renal biopsy, which revealed Maria had Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Patients with stage 5 CKD have a poor life expectancy if untreated. Currently Maria is undergoing dialysis but urgently requires a transplant.

A donor has been identified, however as the medical system in Pakistan is self-funded, we need to raise funds to cover both Maria and the donors medical expenses. The transplant procedure and aftercare is calculated to cost £18,000. We have successfully raised £8000 and urgently need your support to raise the remaining £10,000.

Please donate whatever you can and share Marias’ story to help us raise funds for her.

Thank you!

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Free 24 Hour Emergency Ambulance Service

83% Donated/£2,000 To Go

We provide a fully equipped ambulance which is available around the clock to meet any emergency needs. We have had at least one ambulance available for use for free for the most underprivileged since 2003 and this has saved many lives. Our Ambulance was one of the first vehicles to take seriously injured victims of the 2005 Earthquake to Pakistan. (more…)

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Secure Shelters For Victims of Floods in September 2014

5% Donated/$50,000 To Go

On September 03, 2014, a devastating amount rainfall fell all over Pakistan and continued for 3 days leaving behind Billions of rupees property damage and precious human losses in the area. A large amount of that rainwater fell in district Bagh AJK.