Kitchen Gardening Training


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In rural areas, the main source of income is through the agriculture and livestock production. HAF initiated Kitchen Gardening Training in September 2007 in two Union Councils, Dharay and Islamanager, where over 721 women were trained during these training sessions.

The goal of Kitchen Gardening Training is to teach better farming techniques of seasonal vegetables.

Participants are provided with tools, fruit trees and seeds to grow vegetables, maize and wheat. Kitchen Gardening Training can help participants save considerable money as vegetables are high in demand and value. The vegetables grown can either be used for domestic consumption or can be sold in local village shops to generate an extra source of income.

Currently, this project is being implemented in flood hit areas of Pakistan with the aim of restoring livelihoods of people who are recovering from the floods.

We would like to scale up the program in other villages. Please help us by supporting this cause.

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