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HAF believes education is the most effective strategy to tackle poverty. An educated person is self-sufficient and will earn money to support their own families. These parents will understand the importance and value of an education and will therefore be more likely to place importance on their children’s education.

There are many factors that contribute to the low school attendance, these include:

  • Parents are unable to purchase uniform, stationary and textbooks

  • Lack of equipment in schools

  • Uneducated parents did not understand the importance of education

In order to tackle these factors, HAF implemented projects targeting these 3 main factors.

Project 1: Scholarships for orphans and deserving students

Over the past 10 years HAF have sponsored the education of over 2332 students. Each year, deserving students and orphans are provided with school uniform, textbooks and stationary. Furthermore, 10 deserving students of High School level, receive full fee scholarship for further education each year.

Project 2: Equipping Schools with furniture

HAF has fully equipped 3 schools with furniture such as chairs, tables and blackboards. In addition, provision of clean running water was provided and swings were added in play areas. Furthermore, 2 of the schools had rooftop rain water harvest systems installed which was used for the toilet flush systems.

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