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Previously, at the scene of an accident or in the event of a medical emergency, patients were taken to hospital by family, friends or people at the scene of the accident. In a lot of cases the lack of transport and inadequate road conditions delayed getting patients to the hospital resulting in grave consequences.

HAF provides two fully equipped ambulances that are available around the clock to meet any emergency need. Since 2004 this service has been running successfully and has rescued many lives. HAF also won numerous awards for the quick response to the 2005 earthquake, with their ambulance being one of the first to reach Islamabad from Azad Kashmir.

The ambulance service is free to all and in addition to attending to people involved in accidents, they provide assistance to the poor and vulnerable who are unable to travel to the city hospital. Furthermore, the ambulances are also used to transport the deceased to their homes either from the hospital or scene of accident.

HAF are looking to expand their ambulance service to cover more areas and need to purchase more ambulances. We need your support, please donate to this worthy cause.

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