Pruning, Budding & Grafting Training


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The pruning, budding and grafting training will help build sustainable livelihoods by rehabilitating drought-affected orchards.

Participants who own land receive training and assistance on the following topics:

  • Land preparation

  • Grafting

  • Budding

  • Pruning

  • Pest control

  • Fertilisation

  • Irrigation

The trees that are initially planted become the seed banks and source of invaluable grafting material for the future transformation of this landscape and the community who live here.

Pruning and grafting of fruit trees allows the cloning of a high quality fruit tree resulting in production of improved cultivars. In addition, grafted trees bear fruit much earlier than trees grown from seeds (around 2-3 years earlier).

All of this activity will generate employment and income for the local community during implementation phase and the successful forests/orchards will generate long term income for the community as well as a valuable source of food for the community.

Training occurs on a yearly basis, during the months of February & March. To date, HAF have successfully trained 2131 community members.

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