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go to link We have been supporting young people to reach their potential and develop personally through sport. These young people live in a disaster-prone and impoverished area, which puts them at a disadvantage when compared to young people in the city. We are trying to provide these young people with the same opportunities as children from cities. Taking part in sports activities will help them live a healthy lifestyle and will teach them skills such as teamwork and help improve their social development skills.

enter site We provide full sports materials, arrange regular coaching sessions at numerous locations and organise sporting competitions. This has improved the participants’ self-confidence and has allowed them to show the community and their peers their newly acquired skills. This has also united the communities who come together for the sake of the younger generation. Furthermore, at the end of each tournament we have awarded all players with medals and the winning team is awarded a trophy and small financial gift for the team. In all, we have arranged over 50 tournaments and continue to support over 100 young people with the aim of honing their skills and helping them realise their full potential.

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